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So you’re looking for great carpet prices huh? Well you’ve started in the right place, at least for the information, the internet.  When looking for the best carpet prices, you’ll need to do your homework. Firstly, you’ll want to know what you expect out of the carpet; how you want it to perform, where it will be installed, fiber quality, stain treatments, etc. will all play a role in the carpet price.

After you’ve made the choice to purchase new carpet and are looking at carpet pricing, it’s best to use intuition and common sense on most carpet choices. Think about what you’re expecting from the carpet in terms of wear, use, traffic, stain-resistance, durability, etc. For example, a large traffic area between the back door and kitchen would most likely warrant a more durable fiber and or stain resistant carpet. The prices for such carpet will obviously be determined on the brand and quality. Some people even consider getting cheaper carpet, that can be more affordable to replace later, for such high traffic areas. Again, use common sense and shop around for deals. Carpet remnants may also be a good choice for such areas.

Some Different Things to Consider Besides Price

Besides price, like average premium carpet cost, you’ll want to think about durability and composition as well as carpeting padding prices. Whether your want to spent a lot on something like wool, or are looking for reasonable carpet prices on synthetic fibers like nylon, there’s much more that go into the price then quality of the fibers themselves. Fibers available are polyester, nylon, olefin, wool, or acrylic. Due to its durability, nylon is the most commonly sold. However, think about what you’re trying to accomplish with the purchase, you may be changing the entire look of your rooms.

Carpet Prices on Cut Pile

Cut pile refers to carpet that is specifically cut loops created when the carpet is wooven. All carpet starts out the same and cut pile means the strands are cut and looped, making a little tuft; and thus making it look soft and dense to walk on. The quality is considered by the closeness of the cut piles to each other. Think about carpet you’ve seen that appears much denser. The denser the carpet, the less you’ll be able to work your finger down to the mesh backing; the closer the piles and thus density, the better the carpet. Think about it, the more densely the fibers are packed in, and the less room they’ll have to flatten out and look worn. This is one way carpet prices are affected. Carpet is priced by the square yard, to get the price per square foot, simply divide the sq/yard amount by 9. It’s hard to give an average carpet price, since there’s so many variables, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $8 a square yard for a low-end carpet to over $30 for high-end luxury carpet.

Carpet Pricing Scams

Be wary of carpet pricing scams or other things that can greatly affect your overall carpet installation cost. Finding great carpeting is like anything else, buyer beware but informed. Do be careful of the many different type scams like bait and switch and someone telling you they can buy it wholesale. The BEST defense against getting overcharged on carpet prices, get several estimates. Generally speaking, three different estimates are good. It’s a good idea to get as many as possible. If one is a huge about lower, inquire as to how they can offer it that much lower. If they give you some talk that sounds like some type of carpet scam, beware. Remember the old saying, “you get what you pay for.”

Carpet Pricing and Foam Padding

The padding which goes with your carpet is also something to think about when pricing out carpet for your home. Commercial carpet prices will differ slightly if you’re looking to add flooring to your office or commercial property; simply because it can be purchased in bulk and is made to withstand high traffic. Like anything else, you want to get the best quality of both padding and carpet which is within your budget. Padding should be less than 7/16 inches thick but should be good quality. Good padding cuts down on noise, insulates the floor, and provides a nice soft surface. It is also important to make sure the padding is qualified to work with the carpet you choose. Not doing so can void the warranty of the carpet.

Carpet pricing starts at around $8 a sq. yard and can rise to about as much as you want to pay; well over $30. Add another $5 or as high as $10 a square yard for padding and installation, and you get a pretty good idea of what it will cost to purchase and have your carpet installed.

Again, we can’t stress enough the importance of getting multiple estimates on your carpet pricing. Stay tuned for a series of updates on our experience with carpeting our entire house prior to selling.

Carpeting To Sell

When looking to sell our house, we wanted or needed to install new carpet. So out we went looking and searching for the best deals. We went to several local carpet retailers and warehouses while researching carpeting prices. Our mindset was that we needed to get the cheapest price since we planned on selling our house. We had also considered doing the whole “carpet allowance” thing where you incorporate that into the selling price of the house allowing the new owners to choose their own carpet. What we discovered was that we didn’t really know the best way to re-carpet our house for selling.

The idea was to get what is referred to as “contractor’s grade” carpet. Basically this is the cheapest option and something that is put in most new homes to show and is cheap but not necessarily the best quality; usually slightly below average carpet prices. People are smart and most perspective home buyers can tell contractor’s grade when they see it. What we realized is you don’t necessarily want to go with the cheapest priced product, but something fairly reasonable and most importantly neutral colored. The importance of neutral color can’t be emphasized enough. Here’s why.

When you’re showing your home, the LAST thing you want the topic of conversation to be about is the carpet. It should be like a great back-ground singer, you really don’t even notice them yet without them, the experience wouldn’t be near as complete. As the seller, you want the buyer focused on the unique features of your home and not even notice the carpet. If the carpet is way too nice or even a color other than neutral, then the conversation begins about whether or not it will match their current furnishings and they’ll start wondering if they’ll have to either get new furniture or design features or replace the carpet. You may think that having a great unique color and pattern would be a good selling point, but design is so different for everyone you’re better off choosing a reasonably priced carpet in a neutral color to sell.

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