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My wife and I just got an estimate on having our home re-carpeted. We have 1086 square feet to carpet. The first estimate came in at $3,135. That’s $2.89 a square foot. Pretty comparable to carpet prices. We’re in the process of getting several more bids, so we’ll keep you all posted on how that’s going. Now let’s look at some different ways to save on carpet installation prices.

One of the best ways to save on the price of carpet installation (or total carpet prices installed), is know someone who installs carpet or do it yourself. You can find carpet for decent price, like carpet remnants, if you really try hard. But then you’re right back up into higher prices if you pay a ton for installation. One way to find carpet installers, is to ask the place where you’re purchasing the carpet. They might not like doing this, because they surely want you to use their installers and get their own cut. But it is possible to contact these installers directly and work a deal out with them.

According to, “The number one cause of consumer dissatisfaction with flooring performance and appearance is poor installation.” So it may be best to think about saving money on the carpet, but make sure you get quality installation. Poor installation can cause ridges and edges that pull away from tack strips.

Carpet installation prices are generally around $3-4 a square yard. Add onto that around .50 a square yard for removal of old carpet and another .50 for padding installation. While it may be easier to just choose a “one stop shop” for carpet, pad, removal, and installation, it might be worth checking into your best options.

The best way to get the best price, is get as many different bids and quotes as possible. Try some with the carpet store doing the carpet and installation and removal cost all together. See what they would charge for just the carpet and pad by itself. We even found that one carpet company would allow us to use their dumpsters to dispose of the carpet if we wanted to tear it out ourselves and use them for installation. We thought that was a pretty good gesture since we had considered removing it ourselves but weren’t quite sure how to get rid of it. They really seemed to anticipate what we were thinking. Good customer service. Although their bid for carpet, pad, and installation was our first and seemed a bit high, we’re still in the process of working through the other bids. So we’ll keep you posted on how that turns out.

Carpet installation and pricing is pretty much like anything else. You get what you pay for and there are no free lunches. We’ve found the best advice came from friends and families and their referrals for carpet companies they’ve used. Remember, if you go cheap on the carpet or pad, it will wear out faster. How much you are willing or budgeted to spend on carpet and installation may also be depending on what you’re purpose of carpeting is. Are you simply getting the house ready to sell? It’s no secret that most people get some of the cheapest carpet prices they can find before selling. And most people when looking at a house will think, “we can get better looking carpet later.” With that said, you’d think it would make sense to just skip adding new carpet and opt for a carpet allowance written into the contract. We considered that. But if you really want to sell your house, you can bet the other house down the street for sale has new carpet and looks good! So it’s still worth it to put in new carpet for showing a house.

Just like everything else, the cost of installing carpet varies by company and installer. Just look for someone that has credentials and treats you well. The best installers for price and services most generally come through referrals. As mentioned before but bares repeating, always consider carpet padding prices also in your budget and process. And remember to make sure the padding you do decide to get is rated correctly for the carpet as some manufacturers will not honor the warranty if not used with proper padding.