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So you’re wanting to carpet your house or office and wondering what you should expect to pay on carpet price per square foot? Having gone through this process numerous times, we’ll discuss some things to expect and what to look for when pricing out carpet by the square foot.

When you go into a carpet store or search online for carpet, it’s really nice to know where to start based on how the carpet is priced per square foot. Or if you’re asking, “is carpet priced by the square yard or the square foot?” Some places price by the square yard, but we’ll show you how to calculate for either.

Here’s a great way to go about purchasing carpet. First, establish your budget. Let’s say your budget is $1,800 and (keeping that in mind as you’re thinking carpet prices per sq ft). The next thing you need to do is get an accurate measurement of how much carpet you’re going to need. The best way is to create a rudimentary diagram of the area to be carpeted, including closets, inlets, etc.  You can either come up with the measurements yourself, or have someone come out to perform an estimate and obtain the amount of carpet needed per square foot that way. There’s some things to consider when purchasing carpet. One is the way carpet is manufactured and that the linear process. The pile, which we discussed in finding great carpet prices , leans in one direction, the way it was manufactured. If you’ve ever seen carpet where the seam is visible or the carpet appears to be two different colors, that may be because the lean of the carpet was installed in the opposite direction at the seem or adjacent room. Light will reflect off the carpet in a different fashion based on the direction of the lean.

Most carpet comes in 12′, 13’6″, and 15′ widths (when looking at carpet per square foot). Most residential carpets you’ll find come in 12′. When measuring your room for square footage, you’ll want to take into consideration for the widths past the carpet width. For instance, a 10′ x 10′ room (take 10×10) equals 100 sq feet. But you can’t just purchase 100 sq feet of carpet if it is 12′ wide. That won’t be enough. 100 Square Feet of carpet from a 12′ roll will not be enough, it will be too short and you would have to piece end the end with the excess which is NOT the way to do it. See my diagram below and it will make sense:

Carpet Prices Per Square Foot

Carpet Prices Per Square Foot

Once you calculate the area, you obviously have to convert it to square feet and in some cases square yards. To do this, simply take the width x length. So if your room is 13 x 8, you’re square footage is 104 Sq. Feet. To calculate square yards, simply divide your square footage by 9. 104/9 = 11.555 or 11.6 square yards.

Now, armed with amount of carpet you need, you’re ready to go shopping; and it is possible find online carpet prices per square foot. Moreover, you’ll now be able to calculate what the carpet will cost you to stay within your budget of $1,800 we established earlier. But in order to really get an idea, you’ll have to calculate in carpet installation prices and padding. A good rule or general amount to add to the price per square foot is $1 for installation and padding. In order to get your best estimate possible, you reall need to get an average, or find the lowest price available in your area for installation and padding. Then add this to your base carpet price to begin with.