commercial carpet prices

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If you are in the process of renovating your commercial office it is important to research commercial carpet prices to find the best possible flooring at the least expensive price. There are several different types of commercial carpeting applications available on the market today.  While some are very aesthetically pleasing, not all carpeting is meant for a high traffic office. Understand which types of flooring are the best for commercial environments and invest in industrial carpeting that will withstand everyday wear and tear. After you have researched carpeting options you can make a well-educated decision on which type of carpet is best for your office building.

Texture Loop

Textured flooring is perhaps the most common type of flooring you will find in commercial buildings. Textured Loop carpets will give you all of the qualities you are looking for in carpet without the maintenance. Many business owners install carpet because of the aesthetics, increased comfort, and sound reduction qualities. While carpet will always have its advantages businesses with heavy foot traffic stray from installing carpeting because of increased maintenance costs.

Textured Loop flooring with a second polypropylene backing is extremely durable and when looking at commercial carpeting pricing, this is something you’ll definitely want to look into. This type of carpet is resistant to raveling no matter how much traffic it experiences. In addition to durability, textured loop carpeting will hide stains caused by spills and heavy traffic.  Commercial carpet prices for textured loop carpet applications will vary significantly depending on the manufacturer you choose. Lower quality carpeting will cost between $7 and $15 per square yard whereas higher quality applications will cost between $17 and $23 per square yard.

Berber Loop

For business owners with a higher budget, Berber loop could be just the right investment for the perfect first impression and has a significant carpet price per square foot. As you may know, a first impression in the commercial world means everything.  How you office is designed can play a major role in whether a potential client chooses you or the competition. While Berber carpeting may not guarantee increased profits, it will make your office more professional looking.  Berber loop carpeting is soft and creates a warm and personal atmosphere. With a subtle pattern, you can transform a plain boring room to something that is fabulous.  The tight loop texture will hide foot prints and vacuum lines. If you are going for a contemporary design in your commercial building, Berber carpeting just may be the right choice. Be aware that Berber loop can cost between $20 and $27 per square yard.

There are several different types of plush and textured carpets on the market. Avoid choosing industrial flooring products that are often prone to raveling and stains.  Heavy duty carpets that are known to last a long lifetime with little maintenance are the best possible choices for a commercial office. Carpet has many benefits that hardwood floors and other ceramic flooring types cannot offer. If you are looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere with your choice of flooring compare commercial carpet prices, good carpet padding price, and invest in something that will look good for years.