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The room in which carpet installation occurs should be well thought out before purchase. Learn how to choose carpet for any room. Lush carpet on bedroom floors do not necessarily work in a playroom or an office. Heavy duty carpet may not provide the plush feel on which one wishes to step on right out of bed. Carpet manufacturers use various materials, each one with a different feel and in some cases, a different cleaning method. Choose from nylon, olefin, polyester, acrylic, wool, and cotton.

Due to durability, nylon works well in most rooms. Nylon is resistant to staining and a quality nylon carpet will resist matting. It is easy to clean and does well with regular vacuuming. The best advice is to just work within a budget, always seek to get the highest quality carpet rating (pile, stain resistance, etc) as you can afford. Although this may vary if looking to just replace carpet for selling a house, but then there’s some more things to think about then as well.

Olefin is another fiber that works well in areas of high traffic. It is also resistant to stains and makes for easy cleaning. However, watch the carpet rating. Olefin is much less expensive than nylon and will melt under high temperatures. Keep its use to well-used areas of a home.

how to choose carpetBedroom floors are made for wool carpeting. Wool is a traditional fiber and quite expensive. Most people come across wool flooring in rugs. A high quality, high pile wool provides a comfortable place for feet to land on wintry days and evenings. It also vacuums well. Unlike man-made fibers, it fades when exposed to long-term sunlight. Never install this sort of flooring on damp areas because it can hold on to musty odors. Because of its ability to hold on to dye, the vibrancy in color varies. It is not unusual to find wool patterned in rich, jewel tones.

The basics for caring for any carpet is making sure to vacuum each day to loosen surface dirt. Spot clean soiled areas to prevent permanent staining. Have floors shampooed professionally, at least twice yearly.