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Laying carpet on concrete is a challenging task but with the right information and the appropriate tools, you can get the job done within hours. Here are easy tips on how to lay carpet on concrete.


You will need various tools such as a tape measure, a carpet stretching tool, chisel, seam tape, hammer, tackles strips, carpet utility knife, self-leveling compound, foam underlayment and a seam iron to accomplish this task.

Step 1 – Getting the Dimension

Using a tape measure, determine the concrete are that you want to lay carpet on. Getting the total area can be done by multiplying the length and width of the working area. By having the proper dimension, you will be able to know how many square footages of carpet you should purchase.

Step 2 – Level the Concrete

Remove the bumpy and sagging areas on the concrete floor by using chipping away the bumps using a chisel and pouring self-leveling compound to the saggy areas.

Step 3 – Place the Tackless Strips

Place tackless strips in the perimeter of the area, making sure that the tacks are facing the wall. The appropriate distance of each strip from the wall is half an inch. Secure the strips to the concrete using masonry screws.

Step 4 – Install Carpet Padding

Pour underlayment glue around the border of the working area and place the carpet padding. Make sure that each piece of carpet padding is not overlapping its corresponding pieces.  Never pour underlayment glue to other areas of the room aside from its perimeter. Use duct tape to tape the carpet padding seams.

Step 5 – Lay the Carpet

Lay the carpet on the room to check if it fits. Add more carpet to make sure that the entire floor is covered. Cut the excess pieces your utility knife. Line up the carpet ends and use seam tape to connect the carpet pieces together. Using a steam iron, heat the seam tape to fully secure the pieces to each other and wait for five minutes for the seam tape to cool down.

Stretch the carpet using the carpet stretcher starting from one corner to another and attach the carpet to the tackless trips you installed on step 1. Remove the excess carpet using the utility knife and install carpet trims at the perimeter of the room.

Laying carpet on concrete is almost the same as laying it on any surface. You just have to make sure that you have the right tools, get the exact dimension of your working area and follow the steps above and you can have brand new carpeting within hours.

Another method and great how-to-option is seen in this great video. This process uses adhesive along with double sided tape. But this video does a good job of detailing the process. Check it out: