Home Remedies For Cleaning Laminate Flooring

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Laminate floors are a perfect choice of flooring for those people who are seeking the look of hardwood and at the same time wish to avoid the higher level of maintenance. Maintaining laminate floors require you to take care of the flooring by removing the dirt or stain that attack the floor on a regular basis. Using simple home remedies for cleaning laminate flooring can go a long way in helping you get your floor looking scroupoulsy clean.

One of the best recipes for a homemade laminate floor cleaner is mixing one fourth cup of vinegar with some regular warm water in a spray bottle or a bucket. Cleaning the floor with a mop soaked in this homemade solution will ensure that all the stains are removed completely without having to deal with the pesky streaking after the cleaning. In fact, using this solution helps treat the discoloration that has taken place on the floor, thereby leaving your laminate floor looking spotlessly clean and radiant.

Using a mixture of alcohol and liquid detergent is another homemade laminate floor cleaner that can help maintain the flooring in a successful manner. The greatest advantage of using this solution is the fact that it not only helps in imparting a shine to your laminates floors, but also dries quickly, thereby reducing trace marks. Moreover, using this floor cleaner proves to be highly beneficial in helping remove even the toughest stains on the flooring in a simple and effective manner.

Using a good quality mop with a removable microfiber cloth is another simple tip to clean laminate flooring. A microfiber which is basically a light weight polyester fiber is an effective aid that helps remove oil dirt and grease from the flooring in a cost effective manner. Using a microfiber with water, vinegar or any sophisticated cleansing product can go a long way in leaving you laminate floor with a glistening shine.

However, apart from these simple home remedies for cleaning for laminate flooring, there are other important factors to be considered to help maintain laminate floors. Adding felt pads under furniture legs or placing a rug in common areas can be beneficial in preventing scratches or accidental spills from beverages in high traffic areas, thereby keeping your laminate flooring looking fresh, shiny and absolutely clean.