Different Carpet Textures Designed For Different Uses

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carpet texturesThere are several different types of carpet textures, which will create different surfaces for the carpet but also affect carpeting cost in many cases. The texture of a carpet is often referred to as the pile. The pile is affected by the type of fiber used to create the carpet as well as the method used to construct it. Most carpets are woven, which creates a smooth flat texture for the surface area. Weaving carpet fibers is often used in creating area rugs, especially when natural fibers such as wool, are used.

Carpeting for High Traffic Areas

The most popular type of carpet found in the home is the tufted carpet. This is a method used to create dense loops or tufts using short fibers. The denser area helps the carpet to stand up to the daily use it receives in a home. The frieze style of carpet is also made for use in high traffic areas. This uses a thick, short fiber which usually has a curl in it. Carpets designed for high traffic areas will generally have short or low carpet fibers to make them easier to clean. Many carpets designed to be durable are made using synthetic fibers because they do not break down like natural fibers do.

Lush Carpeting

Carpets made with long fibers are often designed for low traffic areas such as bedrooms, and if used in high traffic areas may increase carpet cleaning prices with all the money spent on cleaning. These products often use a cut fiber in lengths from two to four inches. Carpets made with extremely long fibers are known as shag carpets and are usually used in rooms where people want to add interest to the area by incorporating a different texture. A shag carpet is often used in recreation rooms to enhance the atmosphere of fun and is also used in bathrooms to add a touch of elegance and warmth to the d├ęcor as well as the floor. Saxony carpet is also a very lush style, which is often used in bedrooms and formal rooms such as the dining and living room areas. Saxony carpet has medium length, soft fibers, which will show lines of movement across the surface such as footprints.

Carpet for Outdoors

There are also carpets designed as indoor-outdoor carpeting, which use very short synthetic fibers to create a stiff bristle brush type of texture. This carpet is often placed on outdoor decks, patios and in mud rooms. The stiff bristles are designed to catch any debris from the bottom of a shoe so it is not tracked into the main areas of the house.