Things to Know When Pricing Carpet

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Prices on carpets, like most products, range widely depending on things such as product, service, quality, and availability. In most cases, you’ll want to purchase your carpet locally to save on shipping charges unless you’re getting a great deal on carpet online.

So what will carpet prices run? Carpet price varies from as low as $2 per square foot for the cheap stuff to as high as over $100 per square yard for custom luxury carpet. Think about it this way, you can generally get carpet installed and padded for between $19 to $38 per square yard. Well that’s a pretty big difference you say. Obviously this depends on the quality of many things like the padding and carpet. Carpet price also depends on what the company is charging to install it. This is just a carpet pricing idea to help you get started.

To get an idea, measure your room, let’s say it’s 12 foot long by 12 foot wide (12×12).

We’re going to determine the carpet price by using a formula. Most carpeting is measure in square yards, so we’re going to need to convert square feet into square yards. You might want a calculator. So our room is 12×12 = 144 sq feet. To get square yards, we divide that number by 9. So our square yards needed to get carpet pricing would be 144 / 9 = 16 Sq. Yards. Now take 16 times our lowest carpet amount of $19 a square yard and you get 16 x 19 = $304. So our 12×12 room will cost roughly $300 to carpet with the cheapest carpet (or close to that).

The best thing is to just try and come up with how many square feet and yards you’re going to need. Take your calculator with you to your nearest carpet store and start pricing. You’ll want to probably ask up front, before you start pricing carpet, what they charge for standard padding and installation. This will need to be added onto the price of the carpet alone.

On average, carpet installation prices will range between $3 and $4 a square yard. Throw another $1 on there per square yard for disposal and laying the new padding. As you can see, new carpet pricing can add up quickly. The carpet is only one thing you have to pay for, throw in padding, installation, tearing out and disposing and it can add up fast. Some people may consider tearing out the carpet themselves, which a lot of people do, myself included. This can save you some on the carpeting prices, but other times its just nice to have someone take care of everything. Not to mention you have to get rid of the old carpet. Our last carpet installation company actually let us dump our old carpet in their dumpsters which was nice.

There are so many factors that go into carpet price. Here’s the best approach to take.

First, get an accurate measurement of the area you’re wanting to carpet.
Second, figure out what type and quality of carpet do you want.
Third, price the carpet using the formula we talked about above.
Firth, figure out of you want to do the tear out yourself or hire someone to do it.

In some cases concerning the price of carpet, you may be able to get a better carpet if you sacrifice on something like padding. But also make sure you’re aware of the manufacturers warranty. Sometimes having the wrong padding will void the carpets warranty. You may also save by tearing out the old carpet yourself, thus allowing you to get a better quality carpet.

Have all of these things and information in mind when you go about pricing carpet. With this information, you’ll know what to expect.