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Finishing a basement is a large project, but it can also give your home extra room and value. Choosing the right flooring for your basement can prove to be a challenge, but it will set the tone of the room or your space. Here are some of the carpeting options you may want to look into.

If you are planning on using it as a living area or a children’s play room, you will want to choose a carpet that will keep the cool floor warm and also handle the many difficulties that may come with basement flooring. Before you install the carpet, you need to make sure there are no leaks in the basement floor. Additionally, you may want to choose padding that is mold and mildew resistant to further protect your basement.

best carpet for basementBerber carpet is a good option for the basement. Berber is a resilient carpet that will last for several years, and it resists stains and wear and tear more effectively than most other carpets. It comes in many different textures and colors. This is a good option in high traffic areas, and it is easier to clean and maintain than other carpets. You can choose between Olefin and nylon options when looking at Berber carpet.

Another option to consider for how to choose carpet is a textured carpet. This carpet has a softer feel than Berber, because the tops of the loops are cut off. This carpet works well in play areas and bedrooms. You may consider this option for a bedroom in the basement or in an area where you are looking for softer flooring for your feet. The carpet wears well, and it comes in a variety of different fiber types and colors as well.

Carpet squares may be the best carpet for basement conditions, because they allow you to change any squares that get wet, and you can move them to dry them out to prevent mildew and mold from growing. They are easy to replace and many experts now recommend them for those who want carpeting in their basement. The squares come in a variety of carpeting options, and you can deal with laying and replacing them on your own, which can save you money in the future.

When you plan your color scheme and make your decorating choices, the carpet you choose will affect the overall design of your room. It can be tempting to go with the bargain carpet to save money, but if you do this, make sure it is a color and type that you can enjoy for several years. You care about creating a living space in your basement, and you do not want to regret the color choices you have made for years to come.