Carpet Installation Prices

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If you are considering a new flooring option you may wonder how much does carpet cost to purchase and install. The cost depends on the type of product selected (of course), the quality, and the amount needed, and other things like flooring transition strips and preparation requirements. This is hard to generalize as there are so many different options and variants that come into play. This general info here on cost, is not taking into consideration removal costs.

Generally this type of flooring is priced by the square yard though some stores price their products by the foot. The only exception may be large remnants suitable for covered patios and closets. Remnants may be priced as a single unit based on size.

There are different types of flooring options in carpeting, which all affect carpeting cost. Berber is durable yet attractive for homes with children and pets. However, due to the closed loops Berber may not be a good option for some pets that tend to get their nails caught in the loops. It cleans easily and does not tend to attract pet hair like thick pile rugs can. It is priced moderately and is usually affordable for most homeowners. A moderate price for a Berber or decent quality is around $12 to $14 per sq. yd.  Installation may cost up to $3.50 per square yard. Padding runs around $4 per square yard to install.

Carpet can be made of nylon or natural fibers like wool. Wool is soft and offer many advantages over other materials. It does need to be professionally cleaned (adding to cleaning prices) and may not clean as easily as other types. The cost of a good wool carpet may cost as much as $30 per yard.

The cheapest nylon carpet that may be suitable for indoor or outdoor use can cost as little as $10 per square yard. Those who want durability may choose a stiffer product. Caution must be used to choose a brand that will not easily fray. Installation should be done by a professional to prevent ends from pulling up and fraying. Carpet should be chosen for the specific area or purpose. It may also be useful to consider the budget but often cheaper brands will cost more in the end, as they will require replacement sooner.