Carpet Cleaning Prices

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Carpet cleaning prices vary greatly by service offered and rendered and type of cleaning service used. Prices vary greatly also on similar services so it’s in your best interest to shop around. The two main ways of determining cleaning prices, which is somewhat different than carpet prices, is by room and by square footage. As you well know, there are large carpet cleaning franchises as well as the little shop down the street. Prices can vary for both for example from $.15 per sq/ft to $.35 for basically the same service. So in many cases, it may come down to referrals and service.

Carpet Cleaning Prices by Room
Cleaning estimates by room are popular because it’s fairly quick and easy for carpet cleaning services to give estimates without having to make a physical inspection of the carpet. Most quotes can be given over the phone and cleaning companies have a pretty good idea of what the charge will be based on their experience. In most cases, the price will include normal spot cleaning and pre-treatment. Standard room sizes vary but most generally, the largest is around 300 sq. feet. Beyond that, they will more than likely charge for two rooms. This varies by cleaner and service however so should be considered a general standard.carpet_cleaning_prices

Carpet Cleaning Prices by Square Footage
The square footage price, unless you already know exactly but will be a rough estimate unless the cleaner has physically measured the space themselves to be cleaned. Again, normal pre-treatment and spotting can be included in this price. In some cases, you may be asked to move the furniture but most cleaning services do that themselves. Just ask when setting up the appointment. In my experience, it is nice to have the carpet under the furniture cleaned as well to ensure the color matches as closely as possible once cleaned.

These two methods of carpet cleaning pricing are the most commonly used. It would be difficult to come up with an overall cost to expect since there’s so many variations. The best advice, like when purchasing carpet and installation, is to get several different estimates and you’ll get an idea what to expect. But also remember, like anything else, you get what you pay for. Most carpet cleaners like to make at least $80 an hour. When you take into consideration their time, equipment, and chemicals, they really have to make at least that to be profitable. Again that is a rough estimate but you may be wary of anyone that promises a great clean that comes out at a less price than that. Always remember, you get what you pay for.