How To Use Carpet Seam Tape

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A carpet seam tape is a special kind of tape used to join two edges of a carpet together. It is a double-sided tape applied underneath the carpet. Heat is usually applied to melt the adhesive and give it a stronger hold. Having an extra roll of carpet seam tape at home is very handy especially when there are tears in the carpet or when there are piercings made by tacks. Seaming tape is specifically designed to be used to piece together two or more carpets when a room is too large to for a single carpet. Most hardware, home improvement and home depot stores carry carpet-seaming tape as their merchandise. Many online stores now sell carpet seam tapes and seaming iron.

Things You Will Need

Aside from the carpet seam tape, you also need a seaming iron if the kind of tape you have is heat activated. You will also need a piece of knife, razor or large scissors to cut straight edges along your carpet. Have a piece of chalk or pencil to mark the edges of the two carpets on the floor. A rolling pin is also necessary to secure the tape neatly into place. You also need a measuring tape to make cutting lengths more accurate.


Measure the full length of the carpet seam using a tape measure, no need here to know carpet per square foot. Make sure the length is taken from end to end accurately. Get the carpet seam tape and cut according to the length of the seam. Check the edges of both carpets. Make sure they are straight so they butt up correctly when joined together. Use a knife, razor or scissors to straighten up the edges if necessary. Position both carpets on the floor. Smoothen the edges together and make sure no gaps are seen in between.

Using a piece of chalk or pencil, draw a straight line on the floor in between the seam. If you find it difficult to draw a line, carefully pull back one edge of a carpet and trace a line against the edge of the other carpet. Peel the tack paper on one side of the tape slowly and partial at a time while smoothing it out on the floor. Check from time to time to make sure it is centered on the straight line drawn on the floor.

As soon as the tape is entirely smoothed on the floor, peel the tack paper on the tape’s upper side.  Heat the adhesive using a seaming iron if needed. Slowly roll back the edge of the carpet so wrinkles will not form. Use the rolling pin to press the carpet down into the carpet seam tape. Repeat when necessary.

Special Care and Precaution

Remove only one side of the carpet seam tape at a time. This will prevent unnecessary touching which may cause loss of adhesion. In addition, it is also easier to handle if only one side of the adhesive is exposed. Always handle the tape with care. Do not rush when applying the tape to floor as any wrinkling would entail discarding and cutting a fresh piece.